The Long Wait

She could feel the cool air come off his coat as she wrapped her arms around him but she felt the warmth deep from within him as they kissed each other.  The long awaited embrace that they both talked about but never thought when or if it would ever happen.

Like lovers from different lands, this was the first time that they laid eyes on each other and neither of them seemed displeased at what they saw or even felt as they embraced and kissed for the first time. Almost as if they didn’t know they would see one another again, it took awhile before they slowly let go and stepped back to really take a good look upon each others face.

They stood talking, smiling and laughing as if they were two old friends getting reacquainted.  It felt comfortable and in some ways awkward but not bad.  This long awaited meeting of two people, which they had discussed so many times before, sharing all their sexual desires had finally come to be. The opportunity to explore all those avenues which they have expressed with one another had finally come to reality.

She took him by the hand and led him into the bedroom where she kissed him slowly, letting her hands explore his body through his shirt and she felt his hands run across her body and pull her into him.  The touch of his hands on her skin raised an energy in her that couldn’t be measured or defined by words in her mind.  The anticipation of this first time with him has been in her mind for months as it has been in his.

She pulled up his shirt to run her hands over his back and chest and she continued to kiss him.  She traced his chest with her finger tips wanting to memorize every inch of his body.  He glanced at her tracing the neckline of her robe and she reached down and untied it to expose her naked body except for a thong as she tossed the robe aside.  She held him close wanting to feel his body against hers.  All that desire and want feeding off of each others sexual energy.  The original sin.

He ran his hands down her back and across her ass, touching and squeezing it and she did the same to his.  The tightness of his body and the smoothness of his skin, his scent she wanted to take in and lock it into her memory.  He ran his hand down the front of her underwear and found her wetness and pushed his fingers through her lips to get that first penetration and bringing his finger to his mouth to taste her wetness.

He removed his pants exposing his erect cock and she squatted in front of him to suck on him.  Taking his full erection into her mouth she tongued and sucked on it with want to satisfy her own person appetite and to please him.  Not wanting to stop but wanting to take her time and answer his craving of wanting to feel her mouth on his cock for the first time.

They moved to the bed and he lay on top of her and she could feel his full body pressed against her.  They kissed each other tenderly and with passion.  She could feel the sexual energy building inside of her. His hard cock pressed against her pussy.  His beard felt soft against her face and she explored his lips with her tongue.  Kissing him softly with want and lust, she could tell she couldn’t get enough of him already.  This encounter would only be the tip of the iceberg and the need for more would soon come after he had left.

He moved his mouth down to her crotch, kissing the inner part of her thighs and along the outer parts of her pussy.  She could feel the bristle of his beard against her smoothly shaven pussy.  He kissed her so softly and gentle as his fingers began to explore her most vulnerable areas.  Like handling a china doll as to not break her, he continued to touch her showing such restraint but wanting to fill her sexual passions that she has shared with him.  It was obvious he wanted to take his time.  He was in no hurry, he wanted to explore every inch of her and take it into memory.

His lips pressed against her labia as he slowly ran his tongue around her pussy.  So soft, so gentle, but wanting to remember this moment, this first encounter of tasting her and showing so much need and want that he too was filled with anticipation.

He licked her pussy as she began to breathe harder at the feeling of his tongue and fingers pressed against her wet pussy and she couldn’t wait to feel the warmth of his tongue as it probed her deepest folds.

He pressed his lips against her clit and tongued it gently as his fingers delved into her wetness but with such gentleness and wanting to bring her to such a height of arousal to hear her beg for more or for him to stop.

She closed her eyes and grabbed onto his arms and she spread her legs wide to allow him full access to her.  Not wanting him to stop she could feel her level of climax rising to a point that she knew there was no return.  No way to stop him, nor did she want him to stop.  She wanted to enjoy all this ecstasy.

Her breathing became louder and deeper as she climaxed and came with such force and he continued to arouse her with his tongue and finger.   Her clit became so sensitive to his tongue and lips but she didn’t want him to stop.  She wanted it to continue to come over and over again so he could taste her essence.  To feel that level of such euphoria that she had only dreamt of before this moment.

She moved her body so she could suck on his cock, something that he desired and wanted so bad to experience with her.  She took his full erect cock into his mouth and stroked it with her one hand while running her other across his legs.  She sucked on it and tongued it with her own personal pleasure.  She wanted to get as much of it in her mouth.  Taking it in and wanting to give him the height of ecstasy that they had discussed so many times over and over again.

After realizing she had reached the level of no return, he stopped and moved back on top of her kissing her, exploring her lips and she grasped him with her full body.  Wrapping her self around him, enveloping him against her, she wanted him inside her; deep within her skin.

He pushed his hard cock inside her and she felt the need escalate to more than just desire and want but for full passion for him.  She wanted more, she wanted it all.

Their bodies moved in sync with each other.  Letting no barriers stop them from showing that sexual want for each other.  Exclaiming to each other how good it felt.  “Your cock feels so good inside me!” She said in-between heavy breathes.  “Your pussy feels so good to my cock.”  Their passion for each other could be felt through every pore of their bodies.

Their bodies pressed against each other in pure rapture and need, to taste each other with unbridled want this was better than the fantasy.  She had already climaxed while he had licked her pussy and she could feel the pressure escalate again with each stroke of his cock deep inside in.  She didn’t want this to end.  She exclaimed to him, “I’m cumming!”  He whispered in her ear so softly she couldn’t distinguish what he was saying, but her mind was some where else.  Between her breathing and the fullness of his cock inside her, she was far from the world around her.

He turned her around and took her from behind, pushing his cock deep within her wet cavern.  She buried her head into the sheets and her breathing became more rapid and deeper.  With each stroke of his cock she could feel the thickness of his cock and the wetness of her pussy.  She was building to another orgasm.  She wanted this to last all night.  She came again and could feel her pussy explode with wetness.  And he slapped her ass hard.  She liked it a bit on the edge, and he knew exactly how far to push it.  Keeping in mind this was their first copulation, it was almost like they were old lovers renewing an old evening activity.

He grasped onto her hips and pulled her onto his cock with each stroke.  She didn’t want him to stop, exclaiming to him, “Fuck me Jay!”  And he did, harder and harder with each stroke of his cock as it penetrated her deeper and deeper and she could feel his head hitting her cervix.  The point of complete pleasure rose inside her.  She could tell she was just in constant orgasm and the juices flowed from her pussy nonstop.

She said to him, “I want to get on top,” and with a quick maneuver she straddled him and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock. Positioning her pelvis just right, she grinded her pussy into him.  She wanted to feel all him inside her.  He pulled her down to him to kiss her.  Passion flowed between them as if a nonstop overflowing river.  Did this have to end?  The thought crossed her mind and she wanted this to last all night.

She could feel his cock getting harder and harder and she knew he was close to climaxing and blowing his full load deep inside her.  She felt his cock becoming engorged inside her and she knew it would be minutes or seconds before he would let loose.

Their bodies were so intertwined with each other.  They were grasping at each others bodies as if their lives depended upon this moment of pure intoxication of the act of sex, love, or fucking.  Like taking the last drink of water in the middle of the dessert, not knowing when the next sip of water would be offered or be at their disposal, they were drinking each other bodies, taking it all in.  Every sensory was alive.  Unfolding within one another as they lie there and also the feeling of full openness and acceptance of one another’s body and soul, this would have to be relived again and again.

He came with force that she could feel deep within, and she too came.  This was all she had dreamt of and more.  No regrets crossed her mind.  Pure passion and need, desire and want.  Fulfillment of all those long phone calls and messages to each other have finally been realized and met.  No words could describe what she was feeling or thinking.

She lay on top of him kissing him with just the same intensity of desire as when they had started.  He too was returning the kisses to her.  Holding onto each other as if floating in a world of their own, the outside world did not exist for those moments of the passion that was shared between the two of them.  This was just going to be the beginning.

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