A Little Holiday Cocktail

They stared at each other from across the room, the slight glance of not sure what to make of each other. Both invited to a party of a mutual friend, knowing only a couple of people but not well enough to mingle and make real conversation.

She could feel his eyes on her back as she turned and walked into the other room to refresh her drink. She made small talk to others as she stood there pouring herself a glass of wine; merlot her drink of choice during the cold temps of the outside. It warmed her body as it passed her tongue with a deep wood like taste. Her lipstick leaving marks on the edge of the glass that she had applied so carefully prior to arriving at the party. It was the holiday season, so she choose a deep red.

She glanced around looking at all the happy faces of the holiday season. The sparkling lights and the smell of evergreen and too much cologne or perfume lingered in the air around her. It was pungent and she wanted to walk outside and disappear among the stark trees that landscaped the yard. But the warmth of the wine and the fire made her walk among the strangers looking for a smiling face or a person to at least start a conversation.

She stopped to admire the fire as it danced in the stone fireplace, taking in the aroma of the wood. It mixed well with the deep taste of the wine. She felt warm but than so alone.

Suddenly a voice came from behind, an unfamiliar voice. It startled her and she turned to see who was talking to her. The person, the man she had glanced at only minutes before was standing behind her. She tried not to look too shocked at him addressing her. There was something about his voice and look that made him almost look out of place at the cocktail party.

He had salt and pepper hair and a go-t to match, trimmed. He was dressed casually, but not too casual and he had an air of self assuredness that she liked, but he didn’t act cocky or vain about himself. His voice and kind eyes made her mind wander and she didn’t catch all he was saying to her and had to ask him to repeat himself.

He introduced himself to her and they politely shook hands. Each asking how they knew who and how they got invited to this little gathering of over 50 people in this large home that was so immaculate you could eat off the floor. Realizing they had a couple of mutual friends but had never met each other, they were both shocked. He complimented her that he would have remembered meeting her in the past if they had, and he admired her in the black cocktail dress she had on. It was slim fitting; revealing, but not too provocative.

At this moment the hostess asked if anyone wanted to see the rest of the house, since it was fairly new and they had just moved in weeks prior to the festivities, both of them decided to join the group on the ten cent tour.

They continued with small talk with each other. The more they talked the more her mind wandered to his body. The way he moved, his stature and the way his shirt fit his body. The soft cotton texture of the shirt that he wore emphasized enough of his build but showed a mature man underneath. She thought to herself, wonder what he would look like naked. His jeans were fitting, but not tight. Showing enough of his lower body to realize he was solidly built.

He walked behind her admiring her seamed stocking and the she could hear the slight rustle of the stockings on her legs as they ascended the main stair case. Her stiletto shoes making clicking sounds on the wooden steps. He too was wandering what she would feel like or at least look like naked under that dress. She was no ordinary female he could tell right away.

The hostess began to babble some nonsense about this decoration or that new addition or color scheme as they walked from room to room. The two of them began to lag behind the group talking to each other and quietly laughing at all the hoopla of gibberish. People with too much money they both chatted. Of those that don’t know how to enjoy life and only live for the material things that only bring emptiness and can’t fill the void of real happiness.

They found themselves alone in master bedroom admiring the size of the room and the view outside. They noticed that the room had a veranda and they both walked out to get a breath of fresh air.

She felt the cold air hit her skin and she shivered. The wine wasn’t warming her now. He noticed her shiver in the evening light and though he didn’t have a jacket he did the next best thing, and pulled her close to him.

He looked at her, deep at her, showing desire in his eyes for her body. Though they had just met, he knew that this was the type of female he wanted. He pulled her close to him and they stood there looking longingly into each other’s eyes.

He felt her full breast against his chest as he held onto her. His arms felt warm and secure around her body. He leaned into to kiss her and she didn’t stop him as his lips met hers, so warm and tender. His tongue ran across her lips and she wanted to just bite it off, not out of anger, but out of passion. It had been a long time since a man has embraced her and showed her this much passion in just a kiss. She returned his advances with kissing him and pressing herself against him.

A man she had hardly knew and she didn’t want to say no.

He slowly released her and stepped back, taking her by the hand and leading her back into the bedroom.

They could hear the voices and holiday music rising from the lower floor and he walked over and closed the bedroom doors and locked them. He was taking a lot of chances but he didn’t see her look uncomfortable at this step to secure them some time alone.

He walked over to her leading her to the bed. She said nothing nor did she try to stop his advances. She could feel the excitement begin to build inside her. And she could tell she was beginning to become aroused.

She sat on the edge of the bed and he knelt between her legs running his hands up her legs and under her dress feeling the top of her stockings. He raised his mouth to hers and began kissing her with much more aggressiveness this time, but not vulgar. More of want and pure lust than anything else and she welcomed his tongue and lips on hers. His hands were busy feeling the top of her stockings and slowly pushing her dress up exposing her crotch.

He moved his mouth to the outside of her silk thong and he began to mouth her pussy on top her underwear and she leaned back and allowed him to do this. He slowly pulled off her thong to allow himself to see and taste her shaved pussy. His tongue pushed against her lips, licking her from the bottom of her opening to her clit and he slowly flicked her clit with each lick. He pushed her legs wider with his hands so he could get his full face deep within the warmth of forbidden area. He continued to lick and tongue her clit.

She began to breath heavier with each stroke of his tongue. This felt fantastic she thought. His tongue was heaven to her pussy as she could feel herself becoming more aroused and wet with each lick. She lay flat on the bed, reaching her hands down to run her fingers through his hair, feeling the thickness of it. Letting her hands wander down to his shoulders and arms she squeezed them as his licking became harder on her clit and lips.

He dove his tongue deep inside her wet pussy, flicking it back and forth than replacing it with his finger and pushing his tongue onto her clit as he fingered her wet pussy and she was getting closer and closer to orgasm with each lick and probe of his finger.

“I’m going to cum!” she stated and he kept at what he was doing to make sure she achieved it. Or was it him that wanted to achieve it. He licked her clit with more ferociousness, eager to have her cum so he could taste all of her juices on his lips. She did cum with such force and with so much his hand was wet from her liquid that came from her. He licked and licked at her making sure to get every drop of it.

Once he knew that she had climaxed completely, he rose unzipping his pants and pulling his erect cock out for her to return the favor and without hesitation she did.

He stood there as she took his hard cock into her mouth, licking and tonguing it. From the base of his balls to the tip of his head she ran her tongue all over. She was so aroused at this encounter that she found herself wanting to feel him inside her. The thickness of his cock was what she wanted. To feel that deep inside her. She continued to suck on him and he grabbed her hair and pulled it back from her face so he could watch her mouth, those red lips all over his cock. He was in heaven. Watching her lips slide over the head of his cock and than she would pull back and lick the head to only swallow the shaft again and again. He too wanted to know what her pussy felt like.

So without hesitation, he gently pushed her back onto the bed so he could mount her. But before doing so he kissed her with the lust he felt from deep within him. He wanted to see her again, if not for just to replay this evening, so he didn’t want to appear to be the asshole guy that fucks and leaves without feeling. Who knows what could happen.

He positioned himself for complete entry to her wet welcoming pussy. He pushed his erect cock into her and she raised her pelvis to greet and allow him full access to her pussy.

He pushed his hard member into her and she climaxed almost immediately. She who is normally very vocal bit her bottom lip and he watched her face fill with ecstasy of her orgasm and he felt pleased with himself and he continued to push his cock into her. Moving his cock back and forth with just the right amount of movement to keep her cumming over and over again her pussy was so wet he could feel the juices coming out of her and running down his balls.

He felt her pussy getting so wet from his cock giving her pleasure that he didn’t know how long he was going to last. He felt his cock get rock hard inside her and she let out such a sound of pure release of sexual tension.

He came with such force and he thrusted his cock deep inside her with each pump of his hot cum. She exclaimed, “Oh my God, I’m cumming!” And this just made him thrust his cock deeper inside of her.

Once he was finished and he laid on top of her and he kissed her again as almost to seal the deal. He definitely wanted to do this again.

He pulled himself off of her and picked up her thong from the floor and handed it to her. She picked herself off of the bed and replaced her panties onto her body. He glanced at her and smiled, “I guess we better return to the party and act like complete strangers again.”

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