What’s Your Number

He held her tight against him as they stood in the kitchen, kissing her feverishly and holding her tightly against his body. She returned all the passion back to him not wanting to let go of him.

His cock grew harder in his pants and he stopped kissing her, smiling and saying, “we couldn’t exactly do this in public unless you stood very close to me!” She reached down to rub his erection through his pants and agreed with him.

Returning his lips to her they returned to their passionate embrace holding on to each other as if their life depended upon this kiss as if it were their last.

“You are making me so hard!” he said to her. “Do you want me to suck on you?” she answered and she lead him to the sofa.

Pushing him down to the floor so his back was against the front of the sofa, she unzipped his pants but not before she removed her top and bra. She too wanted to be comfortable.

She pulled his erect cock out his pants and slowly embraced it with her mouth. Not using any hands she lowered her mouth onto his cock, licking and sucking on it. She enjoyed giving him this pleasure.

He leaned his head back enjoying her mouth on his cock as she continued to suck and lick it. Grabbing his cock in one hand as she stroked and sucked on it.

She heard his breathing deepen as he was enjoying this amount of pleasure she was giving him. “Oh God Victoria, I have to taste you. I want to lick your pussy!”

She stood undoing her pants and removing them as he positioned himself flat on the floor so she could get on top and straddle him. She wasn’t done with sucking on him yet.

Placing her crotch above his head she lowered herself down on to his face and placed his cock in her mouth.

His tongue explored her wetness and she felt herself become excited as he licked her pussy and pushed his tongue inside her.

There were no words now, just pure lust to bring each other to a climax.

The licking and sucking continued what felt like so long and she thought to herself she didn’t want to stop sucking nor did she want to climax too soon. So she held back on that orgasm that she could feel building just as his cock was growing harder and harder in her mouth.

No longer could either of them wait.

She came with such force that she stopped sucking on his cock to exclaim her ultimate feeling of deep pleasure as his tongue licked her clit and his fingers were deep in her pussy.

She stroked his cock and licked the head and she let out such a cry of high pleasure of her orgasm as she came over and over again. “I’m cuming!”

He didn’t stop, he continued to lick her and taste her essence as the juices flowed from her onto his lips and into his mouth.

His cock was throbbing to cum too as she returned to sucking on it. And his head grew within her mouth and she knew he was ready to explode his load.

Seconds which was really minutes and he let loose his warm liquid into her mouth while he was still licking her pussy and she came again as she sucked all of his cock swallowing everything he had in him.

She loved the taste of him as he did her and neither wanted to let go of where they were until they could not take anymore licking or sucking.

Finally she stopped and said, “I can’t take anymore, I’m so sensitive.” as she rolled off of him and onto the floor.

He moved close to her and in one last embrace held her and kissed her again with passion and want. Feeling himself getting hard again he climbed on top of her.

This was going to be a long night she thought. But oh what a night.


  1. The Wizard "J"

    69 69 69 OMG 69!!!!!

    • I am Happy You enjoyed it Wizard ~ Victoria

    • Wizard –

      Not sure you have had the opportunity to review my latest story, I believe you may find it enticing to say the least.

      Enjoy Your Day!

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