The Dance

He pressed his tongue against her lips and she let out a soft sigh.  His tongue began to move across her labia and into her wet slit moving slowly along the outside and lightly licking her clit.  She wanted to feel him inside her but she restrained herself from that bit of pleasure wanting to let him get her wet before that moment of penetration.

She gripped the sheets in her hands, clenching them until her knuckles were white with eagerness as he continued to work on her pussy with his tongue.  God she wanted this.  He gave her a sensation that she had never felt before…and she felt so much pleasure that she didn’t want it to stop.

He paused and looked at her as she lay across the bed, admiring her skin, her breasts and the smoothness of her torso.  He didn’t want to wait any longer.

He penetrated her slowly at first.  Than moved faster as her breathing escalated.  He could see her gripping the bed to keep herself from moving and using the force of her own body so he could penetrated her deeper.

Their eyes met and he could see the pleasure in her eyes with each stroke of his cock as it entered her.  He felt the sensation of her inner body as he continued to penetrate her back and forth is such a slow motion.  Her breathing became rapid and deeper the more he stroked his cock in and out of her pussy.

She came with such force that it ran out of her and on to his balls.  She exclaimed she is cumming and he replied, “Cum for me!”  And she did continually.

He moved her back onto the bed so he could climb on top of her and feel her body against his.  She held onto him. Digging her nails into his back as he continued to pump his cock into her wet pussy.  She enjoying every movement with faster breathing and even more tighter grip on his firm body.

His body felt so good against hers.  She didn’t want to let go.  Feeling the muscles tense under her touch, not so much from her, but from the firmness of the tone.  His body said a great deal about him.  Firm and tight and not afraid to share, but only to those select few.

She wanted it all.  She wanted all of him as he penetrated her deeper and deeper.

He rolled her over onto her stomach so he could take her from behind.  At first slow and his movement quickened.  Faster and faster.

“Yes, Fuck me!” She exclaimed as he penetrated her from behind.  Her face buried into the sheets and she breathed even faster and said out loud, “I’m cuming!” He forced his cock into her up til his balls and she couldn’t get enough of it.  She wanted more and more.  She felt all of him as he fucked her harder and faster.  She didn’t want it to end.

She couldn’t stop cumming.  She could feel her pussy getting wetter and she continued to bury her face into the sheets.  Deeper and deeper he drove his cock into her wetness.

She exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” again she came, this time even stronger than the first or second time.  She had lost count in all the excitement of the sex.  She didn’t know how much more his cock he could take.

He came with such a force she could feel his cock grow so hard inside of her.  He exploded with such force.  She got off just with the feeling of him cuming inside of her.

What a fucking great feeling she thought.

It has been so long since she felt a man cum inside her.  She enjoyed every force of his cock inside of her as he came.

She climaxed one more time before he stopped pressing himself inside her.  Like when they danced earlier.

How close could he get to her?  Not closer than this.

She would do anything to feel it again and again.

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