The Wizard & The Sorceress

While washing herself in the shower, thoughts of whether she was going to be all that he imagined her to be ran through her mind and a bit of fear rose in her throat. Than she thought, what if he isn’t all he said he was going to be? That vanished quickly and she resumed bathing.

She rubbed her body with the scented oil that she always uses after bathing so that her skin stays soft. She wasn’t going to do anything different or special today, just the norm. She dried herself off and than rubbed body butter on. It made her skin feel soft and supple, but not greasy. She liked the way it felt on her skin and the fragrance it possessed.

She went and dried her body admiring herself in the mirror, thinking to herself she didn’t look too bad for her age. Pulling the black nightie and robe out from the closet that she had purchased over 3 years ago that she had been saving for that special time, questioning whether this was it or not. She hesitated wearing it, but than she didn’t really have anything else to “greet” him in other than her own skin.

Debating on the stockings, she skipped them completely. All of sudden she heard the sound of the CD she had put on to listen to and it was the one movement from Symphony Fantastique that always made her almost quiver. She loved that CD. She had lost concentration and went back to dressing. She had chosen very special music to play that day. What would be playing when he arrived and when they made love ran through her mind.

Her hair is already brushed out and it clung to her bare breast as she slipped the silk garment over her head. She could feel the anticipation begin to rise in her and herself getting wet with excitement. Watch him not show up, she thought. He better was the answer she gave herself. She hated wasting time on people.

Picking her shoes out; black high heels that were comfortable but yet gave her legs length and she felt comfortable in.

No perfume, the combination of the oil and the butter gave her body enough of fragrance. Very little make-up and just some lip gloss which she knew she would wear off before he arrived, if he even showed. As far as she was concerned she was dressed and looked like some hooker walking around her own house. What the fuck she thought, but than again, who cares crossed her mind.

She sat as patiently as she could for him to arrive pacing and at the same time trying not to get too worked up. The very end of the CD started, Dream of the Witches Sabbath. How appropriate to be listening to this waiting for the Wizards’ arrival and she let out a laugh. The Sorceress meets the Wizard….another laugh. What the fuck she said out loud.

She pinched her lips with her fingers a new habit she had started, not sure why, but it didn’t help ease the tension she was feeling. Was it sexual or just nerves? Not sure. She went about her business. Sitting and waiting. She felt tense!

He finally arrived a bit late, but he did show. She was surprised and in a great deal not. Who wouldn’t come 70 plus miles for free sex. This is something they had spoken about for weeks. Some of the sarcastic statements ran through her head. She let out a nervous laugh before he even got to the door and didn’t give him a chance to ring the doorbell. Why? This isn’t a date. This is an “I want to fuck you” date. She asked herself, would she drive 70 miles for sex?

Both expressed a nervous laugh as they gazed at each other once he entered the home. There were very few spoken words between the two of them. It wasn’t going to be any small talk between them, he had already decided upon that before his arrival. Just the niceties to be cordial, but he was only here for one thing. And he didn’t waste any time.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his body to feel her against him. He kissed her passionately at first and than almost aggressively as if he wanted to eat her from her lips down. She could feel her body tense than relax within his grasp, taking it all in. She could feel how his hands move over her body through the silk and tried to touch everything inch of her within his reach. He caressed her ass and giving it a hefty squeeze. It appears he approved of her choice of garments. Maybe he is all he said he was going to be, she thought.

He slowly released her from his embrace only to kiss her again, this time with a little more gentleness to it. Moving his lips down to the nap of her neck he took in the scent of her skin as if he was smelling an elaborate garden of fresh wildflowers and he enjoyed it. He stopped and pulled back away from her saying something that made her laugh. So many thoughts ran through her mind, what were they? Like a reel to reel on fast forward she couldn’t make out any of them out, just a bunch of gibberish.

It wasn’t rocket science and he figured out how to get to the bedroom and he lead her in that direction.

Again standing in front of him he pulled her towards him this time with more passion than need. Letting her know that even though this was just sex he did have a bit of feelings towards her, or was it just the act of sex he had feelings about.

She could feel him get hard through his pants, knowing he wore nothing under them excited her; less to remove, she thought.

He ran his hands down the sides of her body as he continued to kiss her, feeling the smoothness of not only the cloth but of her skin as he let his hands roam freely over her body and underneath the short gown. He pulled it up over her head exposing her breast which he cupped in his hands and still kissed her, pushing her back against the bed to steady her so she wouldn’t fall backwards.

She let her hands explore his body through his clothes feeling his muscles tense and relax as if they were doing some sort of exercise together but she knew what all the tension was from. She was part of this game too of chase or be chased and she wasn’t afraid to let him know that she wanted him just as much as he wanted her, if only for sex. Her mind lost focus and she had to bring it back to her actions, which wasn’t hard because she could feel his hands exploring her naked body now. She wasted no time at this point.

Grabbing the edge of his shirt she pulled it up exposing his chest to her so she could feel his nakedness against her. God she missed feeling a man against her naked body she thought. She wanted to wrap her legs around him and just pull him in at that point. But hey, she wanted it all. She was not going to rush it too much. By now she could feel his full erection through his pants pressed against her crouch. So she reached down and stroked it through his jeans with one hand while unbuttoning his pants with the other.

He stopped for a moment and looked at her like, how can you do that? It’s not trick she thought, lots of practice. And she pushed herself off the bed so he was now standing in front of her and she raised her one foot up as she used her hands to push his pants past his hips, and with the toe of her shoe she caught the zipper section and pulled them down passed his knees. Now that’s a trick! She caught him off guard. While continually kissing him, now that is talent she thought!

She began to slowly move down his chest using her tongue to guide her from his neck to his nipples. Suckling them as she went and nibbling on them at the same time almost biting them. Thin line between pain and pleasure she thought. She grasped his erect penis in her hands and stroked it and he let out a slight moan of approval as she lowered herself ever so slowly until she was almost kneeling in front of him. She had left a trail of saliva that was wet and shiny in the sunlight on his skin as she grasped his member in her mouth and began to suck on his erect cock.

What could be more enjoyable he thought? A person he barely knows sucking his cock as he ran his hands through her dark hair. Slowly murmuring, “That’s it babe.” She took him all in. All of it!

She hadn’t done this in awhile and she felt herself getting more excited the longer she sucked on his cock. She loved oral sex, especially giving it. She pulled his erect penis from her mouth and began to lick his balls and he seemed to enjoy that even more and she moved even lower to lick the inner part of his thighs. She enjoyed driving him crazy. How much longer was this going to last ran through her mind? Or how long was he going to last before he came?

With one full move he grabbed her arms and pulled her up and pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her.

Their bodies’ melding together like it was meant to be. She wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her with more determination. He too wanted to explore her. Almost doing the same action that she previous had done, he moved down her body using his tongue as a guide until he got to the spot that would bring her most pleasure.

He pressed her tongue against her clit and she let out a small sigh. Was that release or was that just the thought of it?

He moved his tongue around her most vulnerable area knowing that this can bring so much pleasure to her and he wanted to see her satisfied. He slowly fingered her wet slit since she was already to the point of complete orgasm. She excited easily and that made his cock get harder.

With his tongue he licked her clit as he fingered her wet opening and she began to moan even more with every lick and stroke he did. She was getting close to that point that she couldn’t take it anymore and she knew it was fast approaching, but she also wanted to enjoy every second of this pleasure.

She pressed her fingernails into his shoulders leaving little indentations on them. She wanted to leave some sort of mark on him. She almost wanted blood. She moaned and cried with pure pleasure as he continued to lick and probe her with his finger and tongue. How much more could she take? Not much.

“I want you inside me, Now!” she exclaimed

Wizard .Sorceress

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