You can Leave your Hat On

It was a just a normal Friday evening for her.  She decided to go out for the evening even though she had no one to go out with, she ventured out thinking it just be another boring night.

Since it was still warm out she decided to dress a bit flirty; a short flowing skirt and loose shirt.  She felt comfortable and confident as she glanced at herself in the mirror.

What was in store for the night, she had no idea.

Walking into the bar she took a seat at the bar and noticed a man watching her sit there.  He was different than the other typical people she had seen there before and had never seen him there before.  She didn’t usually go out to prowl, but tonight she felt a bit promiscuous and wanted to just see what would happen.

She sat quietly, ordered her drink and made small talk with the bartender as she usually does, noticing out of the corner of her eye this person still watching her.  He had a black cowboy hat on and she could tell by his physical appearance he obviously took care of himself, meaning that his body was not like those others sitting at the bar who only use their arms to lift their beers.

As she sat there quietly, keeping her thoughts to herself she glanced up and noticed he was gone because now he was standing next to her.  It startled her at first and he leaned into her so she could hear him, and he introduced himself.  He was polite and asked if he could sit with her and she extended her hand to the empty stool next to her.  If nothing else, she would have an evening of conversation.  She heard the spurs on his boots as he walked.  This was going to be interesting.

They made small talk between the two of them at first and he complimented her on her appearance and told her she was gorgeous and he had never seen her in there before.  She accepted the compliments with a smile and a casual laugh.

The music was playing in background was anything and everything coming from the jukebox.  He asked if she dances and she replied she does.  This excited her, because she enjoyed dancing and to her that was the next best thing to having sex.  What would the evening have in store?  She being herself, sarcastically added to her answer, “I hope you can do more than the 2-step.”

With that he pulled her off the stool and led her to the dance floor.  It was a slow song and he pulled her close to him and she could feel the firmness of his body.  His arms were firm as he pulled her closer to slow dance.  She was very surprised that he knew how to actually dance and lead as he moved her across the floor.  This was not at all what she expected.

He moved her across the floor with confidence that she hadn’t felt with a man dancing before.

The evening progressed on and they danced a number of times and with each time he showed more sexual desire for her.  Letting his hands roam more and more across her body but also not pushing the limit.  He would often pull her close to her even when the rhythm of the song didn’t call for it so he could feel her breast against his chest.  She enjoyed the way his body felt against her and her mind would wonder to thoughts of what he looked like naked under his tight T-shirt.

As the night began to wind down she knew it was time to get going and she would have to part.  He offered to walk her to her car and she took the gracious invitation to allow him to do this.

As they walked across the parking lot he pulled her closer to him.  She felt the sexual tension begin to build inside her as they got closer to her car.

Once they arrived to her car, there was that slight awkward moment, but that didn’t last long and he wasn’t going to waste anytime letting her know what he really wanted.

He pressed himself against her, leaning her against the vehicle.  It was dark in the parking lot and he took full advantage of this fact and she happened to park where there was no light, making this even better in his mind.

He ran his hand up the back of her leg under her skirt and grabbed her ass and noticed she had a thong on and this made his cock grow harder and she could feel it through his pants.  Her hands ran across his back and down to his ass and she squeezed it and he positioned himself in-between her legs and pressing himself into her.

He wasted no time and lifted her skirt up and pressing himself even deeper into her.  Their kisses became frantic; passionate but filled with desire and want.  She grabbed his body and let him know that he welcomed his sexual advances.

He unzipped his pants and releasing his erect cock out of its prison and pushing her thong aside he could feel with his hand that her pussy was wet and waiting.  She was willing and allowed his fingers to explore her.  He pushed himself into her and she felt his cock slowly penetrate her.  This excited her and she felt herself come close to an orgasm as he pushed his member deeper inside her.

He grabbed her legs and pulled them up around his hips so he could penetrate her deeper and she let out an exclamation that she was cumming and he told her to cum.  “I want to feel you cum! Cum for me!”

He pumped his cock more and more into her and she felt the tension build until she couldn’t handle it anymore and she let out a loud sigh of release and her breathing was so rapid as she orgasmed and juices flowed from her.  But he was far from finished.

He became more ravaged at this and pumped her pussy with such determination to get as far into her as he could.  He could feel himself getting closer to cummng as he rapidly moved his cock in and out of her.

He came with such force she could feel it deep inside her wet pussy and this made her orgasm again.

Once finished he slowly released his clench on her, letting her legs slide back down his body.  He kissed her deeper as he pulled his wet cock out of her pussy and backed away from her zipping up his pants.

He looked into her eyes and said nothing.  The chance encounter that led to this.  She was pleasantly satisfied with this.evening, not upset with this sexual experience.

He kissed her one more time and tilted his hat at her and said, “Want to get together next Friday?”

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