Can You Take It All?

The clouds were dark and heavy with moisture, and there was thunder in the distance and she was hoping that she could arrive at his home before the downpour started.

By the time she arrived the skies had opened up and the rain was coming down with such force and the wind had picked up that by the time she had gotten to the door from where she parked she was drenched.

The rain felt cool against her skin, but her dress was clinging to every part of her body, it looked like she had taken a shower in her clothes.

When he opened the door and saw that she was saturated wet he immediately let her in.  The cool air from the home hit her with such a chill; it was like a cold winter wind against her skin.  It only emphasized how wet she was from the rain and he paid particular attention to how the cotton dress clung to every curve of her body, and brought excitement to him., especially that her nipples were so hard and showing through the clingy garment.

Leading her upstairs he said, “Let me get you a towel to dry off.”, but he had other thoughts in mind.  He led her into the bedroom and went and grabbed a towel, but instead of letting her have it, he reached down with his one hand and began to lift her dress up over her head, he dropped the towel to the floor.  She didn’t stop him.  The cool air of the house made her feel aroused and letting him undress her only heightened this feeling.

He cupped her breast in his one hand and he could feel her nipples hard through her bra.  With her skin being wet and the body lotion she applied before coming over, made her skin ever so soft and his hands slid over her chest and into the cup of bra, feeling her hard nibble.  He reached around and undid the garment to release her breasts so he could fondle them freely.

He slowly brought both hands to her breasts and rubbed the tips of her nipples making them even harder and slowly began to pinch them just enough to make them a deep pink and he heard her gasp with a slight surprise, but again she didn’t stop him from doing it.

He pushed her back against the bed and laid her down and removed her panties that too were wet, but not just from the rain.  Slowly pulling them down her legs he let his hands run in-between them find her wet pussy and began to finger her and she laid there moaning with pleasure as he brought her to a height of arousal.  He knelt beside her while playing with her wet pussy, he again to play with her nipples too.  Playing and fondling her breasts with his other hand, making her nipples harder and he could feel that her pussy was so wet now and her breathing began to change and started to be shallow and faster and he knew she was going to climax soon.

He continued this motion until she moaned with so much release of pent up sexual tension and she exclaimed, “Please stop”, but he didn’t.  “I want to feel you cum,” he replied  And he continued as her body began to rock with so much sexual release, “I want you to cum.  You going to cum for me?”  and just as he said that she exclaimed to him “I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”  He could feel her pussy was so wet now and gently removed his hand and began to get undressed and pulling her over to the edge of the bed.  But this time wasn’t for him to penetrate her; he wanted her to return the favor to him.

He sat on the edge of the bed with his legs apart and she knelt on the floor between them as she slowly began to lick his balls as he slowly stroked his erect cock.  She fondled his balls and licked them at the same time, than slowly moved her tongue to the base of his shaft.  Licking his stiff cock from base to tip and back again.  Licking it like a long lollipop that she just couldn’t get enough of.  She had his cock so wet that when she slipped it into her mouth, it was as wet as her pussy.

She slowly moved her mouth over the head of his erection and slowly pulling it into her mouth and she looked up at him as he sat there watching her perform this oral pleasure on him and he looked very content as she began to move his cock back and forth in and out of his mouth, but not using her hands.

She grasped his balls in one hand and fondled them as she continued sucking on his hard shaft slowly getting more and more of it into her mouth, and he moaned and sighed with delight as she was able to get his whole hard cock in her mouth.  Than she pulled it out of her mouth slowly and went back to licking his balls and stroking his cock with her free hand.  It was wet and slippery and moaned even more as she licked his balls and his hard shaft.

Again she placed his cock back in her mouth and moved it slowly in and out and she knew that his orgasm was approaching.  She felt his head swell in his mouth and listening to his breathing she could tell that his arousal was reaching a new height.

He placed his hands around her head and pulled her into cock, forcing more of his cock into her mouth and she began to move her mouth rapidly over his shaft and she knew he would cum soon, very soon.  His breathing was rapid and deep and he said “yes, yes, don’t stop!  Keep doing that!” and she didn’t.  The more she sucked and tongued his cock the harder it became, growing inside her mouth.  His climax was close.

Than he shot his load into her mouth and she felt it deep into her throat and she didn’t stop her motion, and he didn’t let go of her as he pulled her onto his cock even more.  She sucked at his erect shaft, and continued to swallow his load and it felt warm in her mouth.  “Oh, oh, yes, that’s it suck on my cock.” She sucked him dry, leaving no drop left in him.  She pulled herself back and than slowly began to lick him again, but not to bring pleasure but to give him a conclusion that was similar if not the same as the beginning.

He laid back with a heavy sigh of relief of loosing his load of cum in her mouth, and her swallowing it all.  She felt content and rewarded for what she had accomplished.  Something he previously had said no woman could do and that was to take his full cock in their mouth.

With complete satisfaction, she stood in front of him.  Dried herself off and put her dress back on, even it was still very wet.  He looked up from the bed at her and asked, “Where are you going?”  “Home.” She replied. “I accomplished the task at hand and proved my point.  I can take all of your cock in my mouth, so there is no need to continue this masquerade.”

She turned and showed herself out the door, not looking back.

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