The Black Coat

She surprised herself this time, even she felt more than daring doing what she was about to do.

She showed up just before dusk so that being in a long black rain coat didn’t look to suspicious even for a summer evening.  Though it was warm outside, the heat was not made her warm, it was all the thoughts she had during the day that made her hot with more than just desire. She new that this was taking a chance, but it was one she was willing to do.

She rang the doorbell and he looked startled to see her there standing at the door, knowing it was not an invited visit, but not unwelcomed either.  He gave her a polite Hello and asked her to come it.  He too had a questionable look on her face seeing her in dressed in a coat.

They both entered the kitchen made some small talk and exchange of pleasantries as they have done in the past.  Knowing that the only connection they had between the two of them was purely sexual.  Though her visit was unexpected he didn’t seem to act too disappointed to see her.  He opened a bottle of wine and poured them both a glass.  She could hear the TV on in the other room, but didn’t bother to ask what he was watching nor did she care.

He curiously asked her if she wanted to take off her coat since she just stood there drinking her wine, leaving a mark of red on the edge from her lipstick.  She stood there licking her lips enjoying the lingering taste of the wine, but more as a tease to him than to lick it away.  So she set her glass down and slowly unbuttoned her coat and slid it off.  That’s when the look of surprise took on a new meaning.

Underneath she wore nothing other than a black lace bra and matching thong, thigh high stocking to go with the stilettos she decided to wear.  It took him back but not with shear uneasiness, but with the thought, this is not what he had expected, but it wasn’t unwanted either.

This time she was the aggressor.

She boldly said to him, “So how do you like this outfit on me?” as she began to walk around not as if to model her apparel but more to just say, “This is me. This is who I am.” And she stepped into the other room and he followed.  She wasn’t going to waste time talking current events or weather; not this time.

She turned to find him looking at her and she took off his shirt and threw it to the floor and than began to move down his chest, but not with her hands, she used her tongue to go from his belly button to his neck.  She than said to him again, “so how do you like what I am wearing?” He nodded and said he liked it on her, but there was no reassurance.  She wanted a reaction, and she knew she would get it someway, somehow.

“What’s wrong, aren’t you used to a women taking control sexually?”  and she began to run the tips of her nails down his bare chest across his torso than circling around to his sides and she could feel his skin crawl, but not with fear or discontent, but with a desire that he didn’t want to exclaim.  She slowly moved her hands down to his groin seeing that she was obtaining the reaction she wanted though he didn’t say a word.  She could feel his cock getting hard through his pants.

Without taking her eyes off his, she undid his pants and using the heel of her shoe grabbed the pant leg at about thigh high and pulled them down.  She than again slowly began to run her tongue down his neck across his chest and torso until she found his erect cock and removing it from his underwear, she slowly placed the tip in her mouth.

She licked his shaft and sucked on his manhood and she heard him moan ever so slightly.  He placed his hands on her shoulders as she continued to suck on his erection and it began to get harder in her mouth.  Than she stopped.

She grabbed his hand and pressed it to her crotch so he could feel the warmth of her wetness and he pushed her panties aside and began to massage her wet pussy.  Still no word passed between them.  This was just pure desire, nothing else.

Instead of going to the bedroom or to the sofa, she slowly pulled him down right onto the floor.  She returned to sucking on his erect cock knowing she couldn’t wait much longer.  She had straddled him with her legs as she sucked on him.  Letting her hands move around his legs and she licked his balls not leaving a piece of skin unexplored.

She stood up and took off her panties and bra and than straddled him again, but this time she slowly positioned herself so that his erect cock could enter her. She guided his shaft into her wet pussy and slowly lowered herself onto him.  He grabbed her hips pulling her down onto him thrusting himself into her wet pussy and she let her head tilt back with desire, releasing all the pent up frustration she has been feeling as she let out a moan of complete expiration.  Her hair flowing across her face and down her back as she moved forward and back riding him.

She balanced herself so that she could ride him without any pressure on his body.  His hands exploring her breasts as they moved forward and backward, up and down with each movement her body as she rode him fast than slow.  Moving her hips up and down, balancing her body on her legs.  She watched his face letting him know she had control of his erection and how to please him. She came with such force that she exclaimed “I’m going to cum!” and her breathing became so deep and loud.  Feeling the urgency of the orgasm she wasn’t going to hold back any sexual aggressiveness and she grinded her pussy into his groin, trying to get as much of him into her.

“Fuck me, fuck me!” he said and she did.  She answered back, “Yes, I’m going to fuck you!” and she continued to ride his hard shaft harder and harder, and she came again and again.

“I’m going to cum!” he exclaimed and she answered, “Cum! I want you to cum!”  And he thrusted his shaft into her and she could feel him explode inside her and she came as he expelled all he could into her.

She lay collapsed on him for a brief moment, catching her breath and coming back into her own reality.  She slowly rolled off of him onto the floor, than reaching up grabbed their glasses of wine and handing him one.

In a couple of swallows she finished her glass than stood up, grabbing her undergarments and putting them back on.  He looked at her in a puzzled way, “Where are you going?” he asked, as she placed her glass on the table and grabbed her coat.  “I’m going home.  I just wanted to get laid. Now I feel better.”

And she turned and walked out the door.

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