Brief Encounter

I arrive at your house, and take you by the hand, and lead to you a chair and have you sit down.

I place a chair across from you and I undress myself slowly, but I don’t let you touch me.  I make you watch.  I sit down across from you and spread my legs beginning to fondle and play with my pussy with one hand, and rub and pinch my nipples with the other.  Feeling myself becoming excited I close my eyes and float off into a world all of my own and I tilt my head back as I let out a low sigh as I begin to feel myself becoming more aroused under my own touch.

You cock begins to get erect and you can feel the tightness as it pushes against your pants.  You unzip your pants to relieve the pressure that you have and you pull out your member and begin stroking it slowly as you watch me masturbate as I am getting myself off.  You’re excited watching me play with my pussy and fondle my breast and your penis is getting harder and harder.

I continue to finger and stroke my wet opening and bring myself to an orgasm and cum there in front of you, and than I kneel on the floor and begin to suck and lick your erect cock.  I slowly lick your balls and your shaft, and take your erect cock into my mouth sucking on every inch of it as I slowly move it back and forth in my mouth swirling my tongue around your head. Moving your erect cock back and forth in my mouth and I slowly reach down and continue to play with my clit. Your cock is so wet from my saliva, and it slides in and out of my mouth with ease.  I fondle your balls with my free hand, as I move my head back and forth, taking all of your cock into my mouth. You reach climax and cum, and I swallowing every bit of your warm liquid but I don’t stop sucking on it, no matter how much you ask me to.

I just suck on the head of your cock, it is now so sensitive to touch and I tongue it and suck on it, until I feel like I have had enough of your manhood and than I lick your balls a little before letting go of you.

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