Am I Your Fantasy?

Meeting each other on the internet, as many people meet these days, through a singles website and starting up some innocent conversation.

Conversation that leads to phone calls, that leads to more conversation that leads to the discussion of sex, which leads to more discussion of sex, sexual desires, needs and wants.

“I can’t wait to touch and kiss you softly all over.”

“You know how hard it is for me to concentrate when I read a text like that?”

Texting and phone calls.  No topic barred from discussion.  The conversation begins to pick up more and more, leaving no stone unturned or thought undisclosed.

“You have me rock hard baby!”

“Sounds like a serious problem.  That’s 3 times in less than 30 minutes!”

Than the pictures start going back and forth.  First innocent pics of this and that and than it become full nudity; Erections, shaved pussy, ass shots, breasts.

Than the videos start; wet t-shirt, oversized men’s shirt, hosing oneself down to add effect.

Stroking and rubbing, the excitement builds between the two of them and the conversations become thicker with the desire of fucking each other.

“I want YOU!”

“You can have me anytime!”

“I had to masturbate three times today because of you!”

“I masturbated last night thinking of you.”

“I walk around work with a hard-on because of you!”

They continue all day long, sometimes 6 to 8 hours long of texting broken up by phone conversations only to discuss what they have already texted to each other, emphasizing it with their voice.

“I want to be deep inside you!”

“Why is it when you say that I feel my whole body tingle?”

“Whenever we meet baby, I want to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock.  Feel how tight your ass is and watch you slowly stroking and sucking my cock!”

“I am so fucking horny!  I am losing my fucking mind!”

Days and weeks go by of the same routine, nothing changing or fading.  The intensity increases with each day of texting or conversations.

“So is this lust, fantasy or desire, or all 3?”

“All of the above!”

To fantasize about a man or a woman or another woman’s man. The excitement of the chase and the need for one another, if only to fulfill a desire that they can’t satisfy somewhere else or receive from someone else.  What fine line is drawn between the want, need and desire of another person’s body if only for a good fuck!

God do I need to get laid!


  1. john mark

    well Victoria I have conversations like that but never know what to say as I shy
    but the feeling of desire for the lady I have been texting each for 4 years … we will never meet as she is married …. just a horny housewife and experienced something I lack
    just want to excite her more Victoria : any tips would be grateful especially from a womans point of views inside secrets lol

    • Good Morning John –

      Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, I’ve been away from writing busy with other business.

      Here are my suggestions:

      Write your “texts” of passion. What are your deepest desires? What stirs your soul when you think of this woman? Write from those feelings or thoughts. Touch her with your words and the desire will build, hot and furious, filled with passion and want. They don’t have to be all sexual, but they can be. Just not “fuck me” or I want to “fuck you” but they can contain all of it without having to say that. Let your imagination run wild and fill your messages with those thoughts.

      EX: If she writes, “Morning John, woke up thinking of you.” You can reply, “I was thinking of you and felt the fire begin to burn deep in my soul with just the thought of you.”

      When you write from your soul and are true to what you are thinking, the passion will grow…even if it is just in a text and you will never see this person. Oh, yes, I did experience it. I was the receiver of many texts messages from a married man and it did last for months. Oh so many lustful thoughts.

      Good Luck!

      ~ Victoria

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